On-Location Recording Services

AnthonyWalkerMusic provides on-location recording services for small events (e.g. weddings or corporate conferences) or major events (rock concerts and jazz festivals). Typically, recording will be done on-location to a two-track recording device for small events and a multi-track system for large events.

                                                         Panasonic SV-3800 2-Track (Small Events)

32 Track ADAT system and Mackie 32 channel mixer used for large events. The mixer may be used for simultaneousSound Reinforcement if desired.


After the event audio is recorded to 2-Track or Multi-Track, the audio is brought back into the recording studio and mixed with ProTools HD-3 and Mastered with Samplitude to create the final CD. For multi-track recordings it is possible to over-dub tracks to fix mistakes or add to the live performance.