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Recording Studio

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1,200 sq' Recording Studio

500 sq'
Control Room

500 sq'
Main Room

20 sq'
Vocal Booth

50 sq' Drum Booth

130 sq' Lobby/Bath

Forget the hype, let me see the Acoustic Treatment Construction going on in 2007...

Perspective Music recording studio is one of the best and well equipt recording studios in Colorado and features the state of the art ProTools HD-3 recording software/hardware, Samplitude Mastering, and an incredible suite of microphones, preamps, effects and instruments. The state of the art equipment and facility is utilized by a staff with excellent audio engineering and performance/arranging skills. We bring these elements together to help you develop your musical vision and create a professional end result. Here are some of the Perspective Music clients who have utilized the multi-track and mastering services. Before arriving at the studio for your session, please review the Session CheckList to help ensure a smooth session.

The most significant assets of the studio, which distinguishes it from smaller studios, are the large rooms which and provide acoustics that sound good to the performer. If the performer is happy with the sound while they're playing, then the recording process will capture a great performance. The large Observation Window (8 foot x 6 foot) between the Control Room and Main Performance Room provide comfortable interaction between the musicians overdubbing and the producer, engineer and other band mates. Five 600 pound sound proof doors provide the appropriate isolation between the Control Room and the 3 performance rooms (Main Performance Room, Vocal Booth and Drum Booth) as does the Observation Window composed of two panes of glass .5" and .75" thick.

The large 500 square foot Main Performance Room is live and allows large groups of musicians (e.g. entire choir) to perform in the room comfortably. The 20 foot ceiling combined with non-parallel walls (the room has 10 sides) reduce standing waves and make the room sound great. This quality is enhanced by the RPG Diffusers. Guitar solos (and other instruments) sound incredible in this room. This room connects to the Control Room via the large Observation Window. This room contains a great sounding upright piano that can be recorded or used for working out arrangements on the fly.

The Main Performance Room connects via sound proof doors to the 50 square foot Drum Booth and the 20 square foot Vocal Booth. The Lobby connects to the Vocal Booth and the Control Room. There is a commercial bathroom in the Lobby and room to relax in between takes.

The 500 square foot Control Room houses all of the state of the art electronics and provides a comfortable environment for the producer, engineer and other band mates to interact with the people recording in the 3 performance rooms. The large observation window really invites this interaction. Here's a list of some of the equipment in the Control Room:

Please enjoy some photos from recent sessions...


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