BIO -- Anthony Walker (Guitar & Lead Vocal)

Anthony is the Tina Marx & The Millionaires guitarist (although shown on the left with basses) , music director, sound engineer and shares the front person role with Tina. Anthony performs about 50% of the lead vocals which encompasses many styles. However, his forte is singing like Paul McCartney. Check out this recording of Anthony singing Eleanor Rigby. Anthony is currently working on writing and recording the sound track for the Electro Steel film named Dead Ringer with Greg Hasyn. This film features Paul McCartney look-alike Mike Olie.

Anthony studied Indian Music in India under instruction of the pandit Jayanth Kumar Das with a focus on sitar. He is the proud owner of many other Indian instruments such as tabla, tanpura, bonsuri, sheni etc. To find out more about Indian instruments, visit Rikhi Ram in New Delhi. Anthony's tanpura was purchased at Rikhi Ram which just happens to be where George Harrison purchased his primary sitar. Anthony plans to bring back a sarangi on his next trip to India. Check out the sound of Anthony's tanpura.


Tour Anthony's Recording Studio...

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Anthony's favorite restaurants are Nimo's and Pulcinellas.

Embarrassing band photos from yesteryear...


Beatlefest/Movie photos -- Anthony posing with Billie Preston (Beatles Let It Be Movie) and showing Billie the charts for two movie songs we'd like Billie to play on. That's Mike Olie (Paul McCartney look-alike with Anthony).


Anthony is discussing the movie songs with Mark Hudson (Hudson Brothers). Anthony co-wrote and recorded the songs/sound-track for the movie. Raoul is playing drums on the songs. Mark Hudson is Ringo's producer. On the right, Anthony is discussing the sound reinforcement and recording needs at the Beatlefest with one of the other engineers.




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