Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer is an Electro-Steel film in the process of filming which builds on the "Paul is dead" rumor of the '60's.  It features McCartney look-alike Mike Oltersdorf, McCartney sound-alike and music producer Anthony Walker and Lennon look-and-sound-alike Shawn Tybor. The film is produced by Greg Hasyn and included Mark Mathews as the Maharishi.

Dead Ringer is a new movie in the process of filming that explores the idea of Paul McCartney experiencing amnesia in the 60's following a car accident. While trying to regain his memory, he is temporarily replaced by a look-alike named Billy Shears. The movie is filled with new original music reminiscent of the Beatles.

One of the early scenes in the movie is the Conspiracy Scene where John Lennon gets a phone call from Brian Epstein (Beatles Manager) to inform John and the other Beatles that Paul has been in an accident. John takes the call and then informs the other lads of the situation and discusses a possible survival plan with George, Ringo and Yoko at the party John is attending. See photos and audio of the Conspiracy Scene voice over recording session.