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Recording Studio Acoustic Treatment Construction

  The following series of photos describe the construction occurring in the large "Live Room" in the recording studio. The purpose of the construction is to put in a new oak floor prior to installing a new grand piano. The oak floor should enhance the sound of the piano and make the room more "live". The acoustic treatment shown counteracts increase in liveness while tuning the resonance of the room. Click on any photo to bring up a higher resolution photo. Most of the photos are looking at the wall between the drum booth door and the vocal booth door.  
The photo to the left shows a session in progress in the large "live room" prior to construction. The upright piano shown has been moved to the control room. A new full size grand will be installed in the live room soon. Notice that the floor is carpet. The new oak floor is much liver and requires acoustic treatment to get the best results.
The first step was to install the oak floor. Rick Dohan installed this fabulous oak floor with walnut and maple inlay that tracks and compliments the 10 sided room. Ten sides avoids acoustic issues with parallel walls.
The new wood floor was higher than the old carpet and interferred with the existing sound proof doors. Some of these doors weigh 500 pounds. Rick came up with the clever technique to solve the problem by creating a quarter circle tranisition board decorated with walnet and maple too.

Compared to the old carpeted room, the room with the oak floor was incredibly "live". After putting the Indian carpet back down the acoustics were slightly liver than before the construction began. But still too live for recording groove tracks. Good for recording vocal/solo overdubs.

The first part of the solution was to hang the wooden RPG QRD diffusors on the wall between the drum booth door and the vocal booth door. The phase of the diffusors alternate to scatter the sound horizontally and vertically. The diffusors do not absorb the sound energy. Instead they help to distribute the sound evenly in the room to help control resonance and flutter echos.

The white square on the top right of the diffusors is an Auralex Q'Fusor. The plan is to put lots of these on the walls above the foam and on the ceiling. This product can be painted to improve the appearance.

Here's a shot from the control room looking into the "Live Room". Notice the burgandy colored Auralex Lenrd Bass Traps in the corners. These will be used in every corner. Also notice the gray 3" Studio Foam above and below the RPG wooden diffusors. This foam will be installed on all walls exept the long 22' 5" wall and will do the bulk of absorption.
The long 22' 5" wall will host hinged panels something like this photo of the Wind Over The Earth studio. The idea is that one side is very absorbant and the other is very reflective and diffusive. You can change the acoustics in the room from live to dead in 60 seconds and the woodwork looks great too!
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