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   AKG -- Studio Microphones like 414 and C12

     Artslynx Colorado -- Colorado Art & Music Resources

    Clear Voice Productions -- Musician Services - Recording Studio, Arranging & Producing

    Colorado Contemporary Music College -- Instruction

        EmoSonic & Mark Langbehn -- Music Web Hosting

             Hapi Skratch Entertainment -- CD Replication

                  Jefferson County Symphony -- Summer Concerts

                Jim Frentzel -- Graphic Art

                    John Akal Imaging -- Modeling Photography & Videography

                              NBS Electronics -- Guitar Amp Repair

                Odin -- Television Production

   ProToolsRecordingStudios.Com -- Studios using ProTools equipment.

      Seldem Fed Productions -- Recording Studio

    Tapes Again -- Duplication Services

    Tragically Hip Entertainment -- Record Label & Marketing

    Ultimate Songwriting.Com -- Song writing & Recording services lists.

   Future Sounds Studio & Production

   IN Photography!


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