Studio & Sound Reinforcement
Equipment Manufacturers

AKG             Studio Microphones like C414, C12 and D112

Antares:         AutoTune ProTools plug-in for tuning correction

Apogee:         Analog/Digital Converters (e.g. AD-16X & DA-16X)

Avalon:          High End Studio Preamps (e.g. AD2022)

Behringer:       DI Boxes like the Ultra-DI and the Ultra-G GI100 guitar speaker simulator.

Crane Song:   ProTools PlugIns like Phoenix Analog Tape Saturation Emulation (downloads...)

DBX:             PB48 Patch Bay, Drive Rack 260 PA Control System

Digidesign:     ProTools computer based multi-track hardware & software

Fender:         Tubed guitar amplifiers like the Evil Twin

Grace:           High End Microphone Preamps like Model 801

Hughes & Kettner: Guitar Amp & Speaker Simulator DIs like Red Box

JBL:              Sound Reinforcement Speakers -- SR4718X, SR4732X, and SRX700 Series (SRX722)

Lexicon:        Digital Reverbs and Delays like M300

Mackie:         Mixers, power amps, speakers

Manley:         High end studio electronics like the Vox Box and Vari-Mu Tube Compressor

Neumann:      Studio microphones like the U87Ai and M149 Tube

Neutrik:         Pro-Audio Connectors like NL4FC 4 pole speaker connector

Quatech:        Serial Adaptors for DBX DriveRack260 SSP-100                                    

Samplitude:    High End mastering software

Sennheiser:    Studio and Sound Reinforcement Microphones (e.g. MD 421)

Shure:            Performing and Studio Microphones like SM57

SKB:             19" Rack Mount Equipment Cases

Sweetwater:   Music equipment retail store where some of this equipment can be purchased from Paul Lea X1246

Telefunken:     Studio Microphones (e.g. Beatles U47M)

Vintech:          Studio preamps like Model 473 (Similar design as Neve consoles)

Waves:           High End ProTools plug-ins

Whirlwind       Audio Snakes and related gear like the Medusa series

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